No. 30 A Sicilian Snack…

The exact quote is :  “No, I’ll have a coffee with him….”  From the Detective Montalbano Series  ” The Goldfinch and the Cat”

I wish I could sit down with Commissario  Salvo Montalbano who’s real name is Luca  Zingaretti , have dinner with him and his side kick Mimi Augello (Cesare Bocci) We could discuss the importance of having a 30th blog about collecting coffee …then toast to everyones future endeavors.   Personally,  I think Salvo is drop-dead-gorgeous! I can’t figure out why his girlfriend Livia lives in Genoa -so far away. When I think of these movies I think of Salvo as my imaginary heart throb and food. I think of fish fresh out of the ocean ..pasta…creamy white sauces …sipping wine…ummm …eaten with the waves murmuring in my ears…the sunset colors….The food in these movies -the way it’s talked about and shown off it’s almost like it’s another person. It entwines its way through the stories as important as the human actors.  At one point his favorite restaurant decides to close because the chef wants to retire. Detective Montalbano seems shocked …waves his hands around in pure anguish…clearly distraught with the idea of now where then would he have his lunches?  Throughout the rest of the movie the thought haunts him.  All the other actors in his crime solving team – I learned to love them as well. One of my favorites is Catarella (Angelo Russo) He’s always running into doors, tripping on things. his over-eagerness is almost dangerous  his  qualities include loyalty and persistence. There’s one scene where he’s allowed to adopt this big black dog and he brings to the office hundreds of pictures of this dog to everyone else the pictures- look the same but to Catarella they are all different. He’s like a comedian as well. Very fun to watch. Just be aware- if you listen to the dialogue carefully you can learn to swear in Sicilian like a drunken sailor which can come in handy when traveling alone.  The movies are based on Andrea Camilleri’s books. Camilleri was born in Sicily in Porto Empedocle in 1925. He’s 92 still writes and gives interviews. He’s listed as both an author and a director. Ten million of his books have sold.

Please note: The movies are based on Andrea Camilleri’s books . They were in turn translated into English by Stephen Sartarelli. Directed by Alberto Sironi. Production companies: Palomar and Rai Fiction.



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