No. 29. In Five Minutes…

Exact quote is: “I’m due for a coffee break in five minutes…”  The quote is from MIdsomer Murders.  Series 8. Episode 2.  “Dead in the Water.”

In the picture above, Inspector Barnaby and his Sargeant Dan Scott are interviewing a female sales person in a negligee store. In the beginning of the interview both men seemed oblivious to the sheer garments surrounding them. After awhile it seemed  to dawn on them they are truly out of their element. Both men are clearly uncomfortable. Dan Scott has somehow become entangled with the filmy,  see -through trappings. You can tell Inspector Barnaby  would rather be anywhere else in the world than where he is at that moment. I felt the woman was picking up on their discomfort and was playing with them. Strange thing about the word “negligee” in French -it actually means to be neglected. Which is the complete opposite of what happens when a woman wears  a negligee! Other strange things are happening in the picture …somehow Inspector Barnaby has magically “become a young man again…” He’s depicted by the middle person facing us . In real life he’s really about 60 but by the way the artist has drawn him he looks like he’s maybe 12. Dan Scott also seems shrunken in appearance. ( Don’t you feel like we are at a museum and the tour guide is pointing all the strange things out to us in the paintings? I do.) Another even more mysterious thing is Inspector Barnaby’s shoulders have disappeared!  Maybe this is what happens when grown men get caught in the Twilight Zone of see -through, flimsy creations !  (The tour guide is again talking…shhhhh…I want to hear what she’s saying…) Lastly, please notice how the color yellow in the woman’s hair makes our eyes travel to the middle  to  Inspector Barnaby’s golden hair all the way to the far left of the picture with the hangers.  This eye-tracking technique is  gathering information for our own visual saliency which only enhances the viewer’s aesthetic experience. O.k. Let’s now visit the Impressionist  painting Le Dejeuner sur L’herbe by Edouard Manet….follow…me…

Please note that Season 8 of Midsomer Murders was Directed by Remy Rye. Screenplay is by Douglas Watkinson. Caroline Graham is the original author. Production company is Bentley Production. Distributors are AcornMedia and All3Media.


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