No. 28 An Interruption…

The exact quote is: “Hi, did we interrupt your coffee break?” From the movie Wallander. Season 2.  The Thief.

Swedish things I’ve always wondered about:  How do you say: “Hi, did we interrupt your coffee break? ” in Swedish?  Hej vi avbryta din kaffepaus? But really the word for  coffee break is “Fika” So, I’m going to put a plug in for a cook book I found in my library.  Fika: The Art of the Swedish Coffeebook by Anne Brones. I promptly took it over to my  friends house-to show her (because Jane both loves to bake and she’s proud of being Swedish!) So it made sense. She loved the cookbook! Oh… don’t forget …if you want to order real Fika Coffee it exists! But you have to travel up to Northern Minnesota  near Grand Marais and Lake Superior to  a little town called Lutsen. You can get it-freshly made  in their coffee shop or go to to order coffee from Burundi.

O.K. back to work…the word for police is Polis.They usually drive 3 types of cars…Mercedes, Volkswagens and Volvos. They are all covered in bands of blue, yellow and white. Quite colorful. The police cars colors I think are connected to the Swedish flag which  has an asymmetrical yellow cross on a blue background. Just think Ikea and it’ll flash before your eyes. Most of the police outfits are blue or dark blue. They also wear foldable  blue hats with a symbol of crown on it.

Henning Mankell, crime writer, also wrote screen plays and children’s books. His most well known character is Kurt Wallander . Kenneth Branagh was the actor for the English versions and Krister Hendriksson acted for the Swedish versions. Unfortunately, for everybody he died on October 5 in 2015. I remember hearing it on the news and being shocked. A lot of his stories and screenplays dealt with issues of social injustices in Sweden and abroad. Henning Mankell was a prolific writer. He had his own publishing company called Leopard Fortag used it to support young writers from both Africa and Sweden. Also he started a Theater called Teatro Avenidain in Maputo, Mozambique. He was also known for charitable causes as well. What an amazing man!


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