No.27 Three cups of coffee…

The exact quote is : “I had a ceremony last night- I’m still tired. Three cups of coffee didn’t even put a dent in it.” It’s from Skinwalkers-The Navaho Mysteries  “Shinwalkers” Season 1. Episode 1.

This is one Police drama I think I loved the moment I started watching it. It’s on Netflix. The story revolves around the legends of the Skinwalkers – which were described as spirits of murdered Indians  coming to life to  revenge  those who had disrespected the land. They were also described as  Navajo Witches  that could shape shift sometimes changing into either other humans or animals. White ashes and bones could trigger their existence. The three main characters are Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee and Emma. Joe LeapHorn is Wes Studi ( a well known actor that should of received at least 50 Emmy’s and Golden Globes for all his acting ability and list of movies he’s in. He has become  the 2nd Native American to be induced into the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum of Great Western Performers.) In Skinwalkers  he portrays a big city cop that has returned to the reservation because of his wife’s wishes (Emma- Sheila Tousey) She grew up on the reservation and wants to heal there after a bout of cancer. The third main actor is Jim Chee (Lou Diamond Philips) a young FBI grad who is always grappling with the new and old traditions …Being that he is also learning to be a traditional Medicine man. In the sketch above he’s actually the one driving and talking. The movies are based on Tony Hillerman’s books. The movies held the highest ratings in 2002 and it’s viewer audience is said to be 12 million. Well worth the watch. I walked away with more of an appreciation of the Navajo culture, beliefs systems. The panoramic viewpoints of Southwest lands were absolutely beautiful. Wes Studi felt the movies were also important for how they portrayed Native American People. The movies also created a lot of acting jobs for American Indian actors. I personally, would recommend watching this series.

Please note: These movies were created by PBS Mysteries 2002. Directed by Chris Eyre. Produced by : Craig McNeil, Michael Nozik . Executive Producers are: Robert Redford and Rebecca Eaton.


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