No. 26 Hot Coffee

The exact quote is: ” I spilled piping hot coffee all over myself.” The  television series is called The Glades  Season 1. Episode 3.

Being that I’m a sympathetic person…I can come up with all kinds of things to say like…Gee’s I hope you didn’t burn yourself… or  You know you could sue for damages…or You’re smiling is that a stress release mechanism? or  Are you in intense pain?  or  I could tell a story-one time when I was a kid I burned my right arm reaching over a coffee maker when I was ten…or  I could say, do you think it’s bad enough to go to the emergency room? or  I hope it doesn’t wreck your chances for having a couple kids…or Shouldn’t you get out of your wet pants so the burns can breathe? or  I’m glad it’s not a third degree burn -I did that once welding…or  You haven’t moved much since you spilled your coffee are you really O.K.? or  Is that a grimace of pain or are you smiling?  or  I have your mom’s telephone number …Do you want me to call her? or  Are you really sure you are all right? or  I could try to change the subject…Did you hear what Melissa McCarthy did on SNL …she rode her podium through traffic in downtown Manhattan…isn’t  that funny? Why aren’t you laughing? Maybe I should call your mom…You seem to be sweating a lot…Was it a large or small coffee?

The Glades is a crime /comedy drama television series. Created by Clifton Campbell. Executive Producers are Clifton Campbell,  Lori-Etta Taub, Lois Johnson, and Gary A. Randall.  Producers are Ed Tapia and Daily Rodriguez. The series was filmed in South Florida. I watched them on Netflix.


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