No.25 Iced coffee

Exact quote is: ” I want a coffee…there’s a coffee maker ….I want an iced coffee!” From the Taiwanese movie: Love Around.  Episode 6.  Spent some time perusing through the archives of looking for a community of coffee connections…( C.C.C’s)  Just so you know …I was out connecting not collecting…

  1. Currently Lately  (Featured on April 22, 2017  “Simple Iced Coffee Slushie” )
  2. America on Coffee  (Featured on March 20, 2017 ” Turtle Iced Coffee” )
  3. La Columbe  (Featured on May 3rd , 2017 ” Ingenuity Over Ice”
  4. Eat Travel Love  (Featured on May 13th, 2017 “Vietnamese Iced Coffee”)
  5. Nerdy Wordy Birdy (Featured on January 26th, 2017  “On Coffee Culture” )


  1.  Just five examples today …now you can go out and stretch your wings …check these bloggers out. Enjoy.
  2. Please note:  Love Around (Zhen Ai Bai Pei ) The title means Real Love Black and White-is  a Taiwanese  romantic comedy television series. Released in 2013  You can stream it on Drama Fever. It was Directed by Zhang Jinrong and Wu Mengen. Producers are Fang Xiaoren and Xie Yisheng. It was released in 2013.

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