No. 24 Instant Coffee

The exact quote is:  “Coffee may be instant… death …may not! ” It’s from the British Detective movie series Inspector Morse. Episode 1. Title:  The Way Through.

When you were a kid did you ever have the story “Stone Soup” read to you? I did . It intrigued me that all these people came together with the same thought (SOUP) and each person added a rock or some carrots and Voila! Soup!  That’s how Instant Coffee evolved.  First a French man named Alphonse Allais in 1881. Then, David Strang- a New Zealander in 1890 patented it.  In United States – Sartori  Kato a Japanese chemist 1901 thought he was the first to patent it but later realized it had been done only 2 years before. Bummer! We can’t forget George Constant Lois  Washington an American inventor who patented a process of mass producing instant coffee in 1910. Historically, our own President -George Washington (1732-1799)  was known to love coffee. In 1770, he even ordered 200 pounds of coffee for his own use.  I believe it was coffee beans …not instant. I think instant coffee versus coffee bean coffee is like comparing a cotton sweater  to a scratchy wool sweater . Incomparable!  But I did find ways to juice it up if you are stuck in some small hotel in the sticks and the only coffee is instant. 1) Hot chocolate mixes in a’ll taste like a mocha. 2) Butter…usually in small containers for toast. It’ll cut the acidity and create a smooth morning coffee. 3) Frothy milk…open up all those  cute little creamers but first shake them vigorously …they should be “frothy” and it might remind you of a frappucino -don’t forget to throw in  some ice! 4) Honey, jam, and condensed milk – stir well and it’ll remind you of a Vietnamese coffee. 5) Chai -hopefully you have in your purse… there’s a drink called a Dirty Grandfather and that’s coffee and chai so enjoy. 6) For the liquor I’m hoping there’s a country bar next door that will allow you to buy those tiny bottles of Kahlua, Bailey’s or whiskey don’t forget your creamers! Make sure the ratio is 3/4 alcohol and 1/4 coffee….

Please note: Inspector Morse is a British Crime Drama created by Colin Dexter. Developed by : Anthony Minghella and Kenny McBain. Executive Producer: Ted Childs.


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