No.22 Poison in your coffee?

The exact quote is: “Be careful, Aunt Caroline,  if you arouse my furious temper, I’ll poison your coffee with strychnine and you’ll die in the most awful agony.” Page 45. Book quote came from is:  Black Coffee by Agatha Christie.  St. Martin’s Paperbacks  copyright 1997.

When I go to the library, to seek out a  Agatha Christie murder mystery there are at least two  or three  shelves of books. She actually wrote 82  detective  novels. What most people don’t know is that  she used two pen names to work under . Agatha Christie was one and Mary Westmacott was the second. With the latter one she wrote six romances. Her real name is a mouthful. Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller. She was born on September 15, in 1890..and unfortunately for the literary crowd she died at 85 on January 12th, 1976. If she was alive today she’d be 127 years old! She created Hercule Poirot. He is in 33 of her novels as well as 54 of her short stories.  Miss  Marple, who reminded her of her grandmother  was in 12 novels. She was described as the Queen of Crime.  She has sold more than 2 billion copies – in every language . Her books come in 3rd with Shakespearean writings as 2nd and the Bible 1st. Agatha was actually a great reader of detective novels herself. She enjoyed Sherlock Holmes, as well as the novels The Woman in White and Moonstone.  A true Feminist she was married twice, raised a daughter Rosalund and wrote full-time. Luckily for the readers her second husband – Sir Max  Mallowan loved to travel to the Middle East. They also were known to enjoy archeology sites and many of her novels came from these travels and experiences. During  World War II she worked in a pharmacy in London, where she acquired a through knowledge of poisons.  She soon put this learning to use in her novels as in this novel “Black Coffee”.  My belief is black coffee should have grass-fed cream in it NOT Strychinine…it would just mar the flavor!


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