No.21 Black coffee…

Exact quote is:  “We’ll have coffee  later…”  from Midsomers Murders. Series 3. Episode 4. ” Beyond the Grave.”  Caroline Graham wrote majority of the stories. Douglas Watkinson wrote the screenplay. and the Director is Moira Armstrong.

The  story starts as a walking tour enters the Alspern Tallow Museum to find that a 17th century oil painting of Jonathan Lowrie had been slashed. Sandra Mackillop, the local art restorer shows up to fix it only to be thwarted at every  moment in the museum by what she thinks is her dead and departed husband. Strange fires, busts being “pushed off bureaus” strange noises…chairs creaking are blamed on a ghost. One day,  even the mantra given to Sandra as a way to help control her fears is written on the wall in the museum. But really it’s her Psychiatrist Linda and her brother-in-law Charles that have hatched a theme to drive Sandra stark raving mad-so they can inherit the money. Along the way two or three people die somewhat innocently. One even disappears …only to be found by the neighborhood mystic who senses “all is not right” with the grave and in the dirt below.  Well, I probably shouldn’t tell you everything…  so you can still watch the show.  In the above sketch Inspector Barnaby has figured out how the words were written on the wall. He has inadvertently written what he really wants at the moment Black coffee no sugar…in his doodling on the wall. What I like about this series is that it takes place on British soil . Usually in some tiny little town with a strange name… I always wondered how England survived Midsomers Murders. So far, there has been 222 murders, 11 accidental deaths, 11 suicides and 7 deaths by natural causes. Also the towns seemed to be seething with marital affairs,  black-mailings ,  nude men running through woods with strong women wearing black carrying whips-chasing after them, lots and lots of suspicious characters. Don’t forget the horses and foxes that scream at night. It seemed like most of the population had been in prison as well. People got killed with cricket bats, sauce pans, a Celtic spear, liquid nicotine, bottles of relish, wine, toxic fungi, a slide projector, a French guillotine, of course Hemlock, strangely enough a poisonous frog and even alien abduction just to name a few ways to “kill an Englishman.”  The series is fun to watch. It’s filled with tons of actors and actresses with big names and reputations. I read that many normal folks were also included in the filming making it truly an English endeavor. Enjoy.

Caroline Graham wrote majority of the stories. Douglas Watkinson wrote the screenplay. and the Director is Moira Armstrong.


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