No. 20 Sunniva – Super Coffee!

Excellent article in the Star Tribune Sunday, January 15th , 2017. It’s listed in the Business in Motion area written by Diane Mastrull of the Philadelphia Inquirer. It’s about a young entrepreneur named Jordan DeCicco who at the age of 21 created a coffee drink in his dorm room. Being a student and a point guard for the Philadelphia University basketball team he was finding his energy waining. He wanted to find an energy drink that wasn’t chock full of artificial ingredients and sugar. So he set out to create his own.  I love this kind of story.  His goal was to create a healthier drink that was consistent to his own beliefs  of a “healthy product that also tasted good.” He named his drink Sunniva -Super Coffee. His first guinea pigs were his dorm friends . Before he knew it he was selling his drink faster than he could make it. For  a guy who averages 28 points per basketball game -he knew he had created a winner!  So he called up his two older brothers (Jake and Jim ) and let them  in on the secret super coffee.  In 2016 the company had $300,000 dollars in sales . This year the sales are projected to be around 2.5 million.  There’s four flavors. Vanilla Bean, Black Brew, Dark Mocha, and Hudson Valley Hazelnut. An added benefit is that they are Non-GMO, Gluten free, Soy free, Lactose free, Low calorie, and zero artificial ingredients. 


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