No.19 The Love Letter.

As I found there’s a lot of movies called  “Love Letter.” This one was a fun one to watch. It used to be on Netflix, but the other night I checked and it had disappeared.  It was created in 2013.  One of the main characters is Parker who writes an entertainment column for the local newspaper. Her best friend is Aaron -they’ve been BBF’s all their lives . But now it’s changing because he has a girlfriend. Unfortunately, both Parker and Aaron seem to take each other for granted.  Her mom is an overbearing type of mom who wants her married and with grandchild -yesterday. She keeps setting her up on these crazy blind dates . The main date in this story line is Wesley who turns out to be a millionaire…amazing how easy it is to find them… So the plot keeps twirling around till Aaron stupidly finds himself in a situation where he sort of asked his girlfriend to get married without really knowing it. And his girlfriend Jasmine takes off in high gear getting everything ready.  Of course Aaron is walking around in a daze and Parker and the rest of the world thinks he’s crazed and stupid… at the same time he’s starting to realize he’s really gotten himself into a real mess.  The Love Letter comes as an anonymous letter to her column. Soon she is inundated with advice on what to do in her own life. The twists and turns in this movie kept me captivated and on the edge of my seat the whole hour! Would they figure it out? Who in the end was he going to marry? I couldn’t breath …I couldn’t eat my popcorn…. The quote for this sketch is “Breakfast? Jello and Black Coffee…”  Poor Aaron has picked a woman that wants to now change him . She thinks he should slim down. It’s funny how both Parker and Aaron have overbearing females in their lives.

Director: Gary Wheeler  Writing Credits: Chazitear Martin  Executive Producer: Cas Sigers-Beedles  Producers: David Eubanks, Keith Neil, and Eric Tomosunas.  Co-producers: Denyce Lawton, Drew Powell.



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