No.18 Flo

This is the Headline ad that popped in front of me yesterday afternoon as I went to research a movie. It mystifies me though, In the far right corner it says quote: ” That’s like a month of coffee …Very Fancy Coffee.  The top of the ad says ” You could save $620  by switching to Progressive.”  I can only surmise they are saying  if a person pays say $7.00 for a Fancy Coffee  x 31 days to make it to $620 you would have to drink 3 of those fancy drinks a day for the month. Why would I do that? To save money I would have to be perpetually wired and I’d probably gain 25 pounds!!!  The wording seems twisted in it’s thinking.

The only thing really I liked about this ad was  ” Flo”.  Her real name is Stephanie Courtney. She’s become an iconic spokesperson for the insurance company Progressive. She started doing radio commercials in 2008 and has since done 100 commercials . She earns around $500,000 dollars a  year playing “Flo” for the Progressive commercials. She’s both an actress and comedian.  She has at least 4.4 million fans on Facebook.  In 2010 she even became a downloadable character in a video game called ModNation Racers. She also has been in numerous movies.

The ad was created by Arnold Worldwide a Boston-based agency. Copywriter is John Park and the art director is Steve Reepmeyer. 


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