“Damn…Vanilla Latte got skills…”

No. 15

That’s the real quote. It’s from the movie : Bring it on -All or Nothing. Sometimes when I’m cutting out a new silkscreen image…in the background I watch? listen? to the: Bring it On The Cheerbook Collection quad set of movies about cheerleading. Maybe all the energy spurs me forward to cut out a difficult design or maybe because I always wanted to be one-who knows. But I was amazed I didn’t catch this slur on being white and a slur on my brazen collection of coffees. I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve watched these cheesy movies -and I swear each time I totally again enjoy them. It shows how things can be slipped in-verbally … and you just don’t catch the drift… I’ve been called all kinds of names because of my skin color but never a “vanilla latte” … We as the viewers see courageous strong females-young and beautiful  flipping through the air without even flinching. At the same time there’s romantic story lines, treacherous back-stabbing catty behaviors…superstitous magic sticks…body peircings that set off the security alarms…With the  handsome cute guys there’s currents of “gay or straight” plus a few heavy- duty sexual ennuandos but in the end the evil cheerleader realizes she’s wrong -graciously accepts defeat .Minutes later they shake hands, hug and shout out- Congratulations! It’s amazing!  I wish our politicians would start watching these movies… of course they might already be secretly engorging themselves and this is why we are seeing these behaviors because they are emulating many of the storylines without even knowing it. Unforturnately, for us they never watch the end …where they realize that “winning is for everybody.” The whole squad wins not just the leaders. The $20,000 check for winning the championship goes to the schools. Our politicians could also learn that “body, gender, sexual -orientation, racial  and religious shaming ” does not work. It just makes the politicians look like social idiots! 

Directed by: Steve Rash.  Produced by David Roessell.  Written by Alyson Fouse. Production company: Beacon Pictures.  Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.   Released August 8, 2006.


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