No.14 The Blue shoe…

It’s sometimes odd where you have “coffee conversations.” Today, it was while I was speaking to my Psychologist  (Please note: I wasn’t laying on a dark leather chaise while she smoked a  strawberry  smelling e-cigarette… while carefully jotting down notes from the corner of the room.)  I asked her “Did you know that Caribou Coffee is owned by another company?” She had read something or other about it but couldn’t remember any of the important facts… I proudly interjected that It was a German company called JAB.  She remembered at that moment that they also owned expensive shoes and bags. It was true, only that afternoon I had googled a Jimmy Choo shoe and Voila – it’s beauty took my breath away. It even had a name…Vanessa 65. A beautiful sky blue suede-cut- out with a blue heel…Oooh…La…La…it made my heart melt. Caribou Coffee Company  is a Minnesota company. I’ve always been proud of that fact. I couldn’t believe that the original Caribou Coffee Company site was at 48th and France in Edina . I used to live really close to it and never knew how important that space was. It was started by John Puckett in December 1992. Twenty-one years later they’ve ridden the wild bronco ride of being a coffee shop owner. In Minnesota, Caribou  has  to compete with a lot of smaller independents as well as a few larger unnamed competiors…We brag that Minnesota Is the land of 10,000 lakes and just as many coffee shops-for a reason.  Again, picture the office with the smoking Psychologist…”Do you feel ..that we’ve discussed the idea of  Wants and Needs enough today? Did you do as you promised and hide away  your credit cards? Did you breathe  in deep and repeat …I can live a life full of passion, art  and love without any sky blue cut-outs? Did you rub your heart in counter-clock-wise circles repeating the word” love” in French, German, Italian and Chinese? I will look forward to hearing about your “coffee adventures” the next  time we will meet is in…two weeks …right? Addios Amigos.


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