No.11 The Trickle Down Effect

Question of the day: Why is it important that the 1%  of our population- drink $50  cups of coffee ?                                                                                                                                         

I believe it’s called “the trickle-down-effect.” It does matter in  Northern Thailand in the Chiang Saen Provence next to Mekong River. It’s in an area called the Golden Triangle -a border area with Myanmar and Laos. Unfortunately both for the animals, birds and people that live in this region it was also described as an ecological disaster zone. In contrast, in the Chiang Saen district they have the world’s tallest Flagpole -189 meters tall. As big as a 63 story building. Go figure. Also in this land of extremes is the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation and refuge for elephants. The Foundation helps pay for a vet to treat the elephants . It helps support the Thai economy. Provides wages to the villagers, usually women that both collect the cherry beans in the beginning and collecting the end product for the production of Black Ivory Coffee. It helps stop the waves of refugees from this area because they can earn a  livable wage. It also keeps families together- the parents don’t have to travel to other countries to work in factories, be nannies or housecleaners for the rich. Blake Dinkin, a Canadian  has been working to create Black Ivory Coffee for 10 years. Through his sales he gives 8 % to the foundation. You can drink his coffee in 5 Start Hotels and Resorts in Asia and the Middle East. You can also travel to Comfort, Texas where Ed and Joey Story  have a non-for-profit store called  The Elephant Story. You can sample the coffee and browse in the land of elephants. They both promote elephant conservation and donate profits from the store to support elephant foundations. Bravo!


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