No.9 Pie in the Sky

The exact quote is ” Coffee and Brandy.”  My mom would of called this two worded quote “Short and Sweet.” The quote is taken from a fun English Drama called -PIe in the Sky.  It’s a mixture of police activity, fine food and cooking, It’s chock full of amazing actors. It was written my Andrew Payne.It ran for five seasons- 40 episodes and aired on BBC from 1994 through 1997. Henry Crabbe (Richard Griffiths) and his wife- Margaret ( Maggie Steed) are the main  two characters. I loved watching their relationship- how sweet they were to each other. He leads a dual life of a fledging restaurant chef and disillusioned Police Senior Detective. The stories fluctuate between very British villains and pompous policemen that seriously distract him from his much loved chickens and deflating soufflés. The image is of Margaret-Henry Crabbes’s  wife  discussing with Nicola what are the two key ingredients  in making home-made  Kahlua are… ” Coffee and Brandy”. Personally, I would also say Vanilla Beans…. Here is the recipe: 4 cups of organic raw sugar.  1/3 cup organic instant coffee granules,  2 1/3 cups of filtered water,  2 whole vanilla beans and 2 cups of brandy.  Bring water  to a boil add sugar and coffee. Remove from heat.  Stir well till totally dissolved. Let it sit out till it’s at room temperature. Pour into a  glass jar. Add brandy and the 2 vanilla beans. Give it a good stir  then cover it well and put it away for 3 weeks. Afterwards strain you Kalula into smaller bottles…decorate…give away a few to your best friends while using the rest in your favorite drinks or poured over ice-cream.Enjoy.


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