No.8 Brokenwood Mysteries.

The exact quote is :”Coffee for three?” Quote is from the movie series Brokenwood Mysteries.

Set in rural New Zealand North Island. I think the series Brokenwood Mysteries is well worth watching.  I loved the humor , the country music in the background, the gorgeous landscapes, the realistic characters  ( the car almost becomes another character in the story ) I even loved that it wasn’t full of swearing and sex.Detective Inspector Mike Shepard ( Neill Rea) is his own genre. He doesn’t seem to care how he’s dressed a bit sloppy…always wrinkled never shaved. He has a habit of talking to the dead bodies which always freaks out the other policemen.  He drives a classic Man Car the 1971 Holden Kingswood.  He calls it his steed. But it’s so old that it only has cassettes as a music source. He’s always trying to educate his passengers with his love of country music . His sidekick is Detective Constable Kristin Sims ( Fern Sutherland)  she’s a no-nonsense follow -the rules kind of woman. More intense, smart . Definitely balances out Mike Shepard character. In the background there’s also Detective Constable Sam Green, Jared Morehu ( Pana Hema Taylor), and Dr. Jina Kandinsky ( Christina Londa) Being that the car is a character too. In the Brokenwood Mysteries it’s white. In my image it’s blue-“artistic interpretation”.   In 1971, you could buy this  vintage Holden Kingswood car for $ 2,750 dollars.  Today, it goes for $11,500.00  on Ebay still a bargain compared to the prices for cars now days. It was produced in Australia. A lot of the cars were in bold colors  red, yellow and blue…The country music was written and produced by Tami Neilson and her brother Jay Neilson.  Brokenwood was conceived by Tim Balme. Lead writers are Philip Dalkin, James Griffin and Greg Mcgee. It is being directed by Mike Smith, Josh Frizzell, Michael Hurst and Murray Keane.  South Pacific Pictures for Prime TV. I really enjoyed watching this series . Check it out.


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