No.6 Goats & Politics

This goat can be in your house…it won’t eat anything! Perfect gift.

Let’s talk politics…  Oh where ..oh where do I start?  On YouTube Drew Ferguson, a Congressman from Georgia gave a bizarre speech using the word ” GOAT” to symbolize the Affordable Care Act (Also known as Obama care.)  “Six years ago I lived in a pretty decent house. One day I heard a knock on the door and before I knew it my colleagues from the other side of the aisle had let a goat loose in my house.  For six years that goat has been messing and destroying my house. I want to renovate my house but before I can I have to get that goat out before it does anymore damage. We must undo the Affordable Care Act.” (  Let’s get out one very important fact that Congressman Drew Ferguson wants to keep on the quiet. That  20 million people gained access to the healthcare system. Right before the recession hit in 2008 stories were coming out of people having to put medicines they couldn’t afford on credit cards. A lot of people didn’t have healthcare. When their kids, spouses, parents got sick they got in bigger financial trouble. A lot of people lost their homes during this period. Normal everyday people who go grocery shopping, pay their bills, tuck their kids in bed  and hope for a better future kind of people. Like me and you. Whereas, Congressman Drew Ferguson and his family receive a top-notch health care service as a part of his benefits.And while I’m on the pulpit can we please stop maligning those cute little goats?Let’s not forget the LEGEND OF THE DANCING GOATS … A long time ago, around 800 AD in Ethiopia a goat herder noticed that when the goats were allowed to eat the red berries off certain bushes they were more frisky and energetic afterwards. An abbot nearby thought he’d make a drink from the berries.Where are the trumpets and fireworks?  The drink is a direct descendant of  “Coffee” …. Need I say more?

So today we are going to sit amongst the playful goats …lay out a blanket …open up the picnic basket from heaven – a cheese lover’s delight is sitting right in front of you…Enjoy.

Yummy…yummy cheese…please!  



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