No.5 Love …Love…Love…

This subscription meets my daily requirement of news and romance!

One of my secrets in life is that I love to read -the weddings section in The New York Times  Sunday paper. I’m a total romantic. I love reading how everyone meets their spouses.  One day I noticed that there was  a consistent way people were connecting.  It’s called Coffee meets Bagel. It was founded by Dawoon Kang and her two sisters Arum, and Soo in 2012.

She figured out that most people were wrestling with “profile fatigue” when going through the online dating sites. I can attest to this phenomenon. In the beginning I thought… “Wow…look at all the possibilities out there! But after the first or second week it started to feel like drudgery-like a second job…and by the second month I wondered why I had signed up?”

With Coffee meets Bagel you receive one possibility each day at a designated hour. Smart! They work towards creating the perfect match using high tech algorithms. It works because it also uses connections between friends on Facebook. This week …in my favorite section…We got to focus on Sally Wang -who is a cofounder  and chief executive of ( a telemedicine technology company that connects Chinese patients with the best Doctors in the U.S. )  and Jason Liang –who is also a founder and chief executive of another company called ( which is an online food delivery system ) They both connected on

I figure the more love connections we have in the can only make the world around us “Oh so much better…”  Check it out!

Ah …a breakfast of love…toast your bagels!

Now…some coffee with the bagels…

Now some 3D roses on a heart shaped pillow for two…

Top it off with flowers each month…Love …Love…Love!


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