No.4 Marilyn Munster…

Quote: “Come on in and have a cup of coffee?”  From The Munsters Season 1, Ep.2. The Munsters were produced by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher.

If you find yourself dateless some night…stay up watching the whole series of Munsters..Good laughter keeps the doctor away!

Poor Marilyn..she was named after Marilyn Monroe but that doesn’t help her get dates or keep them. She always thinks it was something to do  about herself ( a sweet blonde) but it was really about her adopted family. What I loved about Marilyn was she accepted them whole heartedly . Wouldn’t you think it a bit odd if your Uncle Herman looked like Frankenstein? It doesn’t phase her and you can see the love is reciprocated in Marilyn’s eyes they are like everyone else’s families. In one of the episodes they actually show how the postman,the neighbors  and boyfriends view them in horror because they are different.

Fun Facts about the Munsters:

It ran from 1988-1991 -72 episodes. The house’s address was 1313 Mockingbird Lane in Mockingbird Heights. A fictitious  suburb in Southern California. Supposedly near Los Angeles.They lived in a Victorian house with a dragon named “Spot” that lived under the stairs to the second floor. Aunt Lily was a stay at home mom. Uncle Herman went off to work everyday as a gravedigger and supported his family on his wages.  Grandfather was always in the basement “dungeon” working on experiments, and Eddie her cousin  looked like a young werewolf  and when he was a baby he drank not coffee but bat milk. He also, always carried around a doll named “Wolfie” that wore a pajamas , robe and real shoes. I went on to see if they still existed but the doll was pretty ugly , around  $250 dollars and luckily sold out. Oh, the car was half a hearse and half a hot rod car named Monster Coach  and Dracula. The car was 18 feet long.








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