No.3 James Curren & JavaCycle


Excellent story in the Star Tribune by Dee Depass on March 28th in the Business section. I love it when people figure out how to use waste products -turn it around into a business while generating jobs .

James Curren opened up his own coffee shop Providence Coffee in 2008 in Faribault, Mn.  He’s known for Fair trade practices in purchasing his green coffee beans. He markets his coffee to mostly nonprofits and donates 2% of the profit to the Catholic Relief Services. He has 13 types of coffee -12 oz. bags all under the price of $10 dollars.

An innovative entrepreneur  he also started a fledging business designing tote bags, purses and messenger bags from the burlap bags the beans were transported in. He named this business Novus Vitas ( New life in Latin,)

With the mindset of  “From waste to Profit” ( Star Tribune -Business Section-author Dee Depass)   he also viewed the chaffs (which is the by product of the beans) and created a new product of which he called JavaCycle Pellets ( a new fertilizer product that can be used alongside with organic plants.) He found through research that the coffee bean chaffs were a good source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.  ” Helps hold moisture, relieve compaction, promote microbial activity and soil health” ( website: also known as Agricultural Utilization Research Institute.

I’m looking forward to adding it to my soil this spring. “You can buy it Mother Earth Garden Center, Mississippi Markets, Bachman’s Garden Center, Natural Food Coop, Eastside Food Coop, Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, Eggplant Urban Farm Supply, Hedberg Supply Terra Garden Center, Lake Winds Food Coop and Amazon .com. ” ( Star Tribune Business Section article by Dee Depass.)






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