No. 2.

Murder Mysteries

Today I came home  from the library with 15 new murder mysteries. I seem to do it when I’m stressed. I encircle my space with books . Most of them I read. I go through the stacks looking for a certain style of books by Soho Press, Inc. The spine is divided in thirds . The top section is a color with- the title, then a band of white and then  a block of black with the authors name. I find them to be amazing. They are known as an international crime series-different countries, different cultures- I love them.

One the 15  books-was  by Mike Craven-“Born in a Burial Gown”  On a quick glance it reminded me of the Soho Press -spinal design format. I took a chance, and so far I’ve been impressed. And because I collect things connected to coffee I couldn’t pass up on this one. “Born in a Burial Gown” was published by :

Caffeine Nights Publishing. They were described “The UK’s leading Independent crime and horror fiction publisher.” It’s situated in Kent , England. Started in 2010. Works in paperbacks and Ebooks. 26 authors listed. FYI on their Facebook they had 1,376 likes and 1,339 followers. I found 6 of their authors …Dougie Brimson, Col Bury,  Gary Bushell, Mike Craven and Shaun Flutson in the Hennipin County Library System. Going on a trip -need some good murder mysteries  in paperbacks to drown out the screaming babe across the airplane aisle then look them up on or

And like every zealous reader of good murder mysteries – I wrote to them saying ” Hey , we need more of your authors over on this side of the world..Now days it’s much easier to cross the Atlantic -so I’m waiting…. .” We’ll see if I get an answer.


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