No. 2 Caffeinated Nights…Reading.

When I’m feeling stressed I go to certain libraries in town that are known for an ample  supply of murder mysteries. I walk slowly up and down the aisles looking for what I know as a true winner . The Soho Publishing books. They have a distinct coloring and spacing on the spine. That screams Soho. But today I came upon another publishing company similar to Soho’s design. I had to laugh when I saw the publishing company”s name… Caffeine Nights Publishing. What a perfect name! Mike Craven’s “Born in a Burial Gown ” was the first one I found. I ended up carrying home about 15 murder mysteries. It was a gluttonous weekend of reading. Check them out…Caffeine Nights Publishing. They were described “The UK’s leading Independent crime and horror fiction publisher.” It’s situated in Kent , England. Started in 2010. Works in paperbacks and Ebooks. 26 authors listed. FYI on their Facebook they had 1,376 likes and 1,339 followers.  He has four books listed at 1) Born in a Burial Gown, 2) Body Breaker. 3) Assume Nothing. 4) Debut Dagger (on order) Your’ll love reading this author – Mike Craven.

I couldn’t put this book down till the end


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