No.1 A Coffee Conversation

While waiting in line for my Cafe Miel….

“So Bert told me that Heinz did it with Sheila…two nights ago…do you believe it?”

“Hey…can I have a ummmm -Café Ricki?”

“ Do you want it with whip-cream?”

“Is it real or fake?”

“Real- we don’t do fake here.”

“What did you say?”

“So your name tag says K-E-L-L-Y…right?”

“Yes …Everyone calls me Kelly….”soo would you like “real” – WC?”

“ I don’t think I like your tone…”


“So ..Bobby –What did you say? So true …he is such a looser!”

“I don’t like your attitude…”

“Whip cream or not…Lady?”


“Who IS your manager?”

“Ummmmm…Unfortunately for you he’s out on Maternity leave…and our assistant manager is out on a sales –I guess that leaves ME ….”

“So how much do I owe you..?”

“ I couldn’t believe it Sheila then got on Twitter and blew Heinz out the front door…”

“How much? Here’s a five. I want all my change back.”

“Are you O.K. if I  round it up to the next dollar and donate the extra to -Save the Rhino Charity?”


“Here’s your Riki “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,’Thanks”…”Have a great day!”


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