No. 114 Murder for coffee…?

The exact quote is ” Do you know…I could murder a cup of coffee.” The quote comes from the LoveJoy series.

What a strange way to say “I desperately need a cup of coffee.”…Anyone that says they are going to murder a cup of coffee shouldn’t be drinking it. They should be banned from all coffee shops world wide and be allotted to say soy milk-straight-unsweetened. Period. I know the man is trying to look suave and debonair …leaning against his Porche…like a movie star. Even the way he is holding his body…it’s like he’s saying”please take the picture from this side of my’s my best side.” So I looked up what it meant. The examples given will give you a good idea. 1) Digging out that tree in the backyard yesterday was murder to my back. 2) Walking up 6042 steps to the top of the tower was murder to my knees.  3) I’m starving…I could murder a curry.  Makes sense right? Still I feel like an injustice is taking place when it pertains to my beloved  coffee. .


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No.121 Angels Needed…


needed desperately…

to protect anyone

with flooded basements.

Protect them

from harm.

Keep their homes


Keep them fed

and warm.

Families together…

Or together again …soon.

May the water

stop raining…


Just please…


Give them solutions

that will work…

for now …and

into their futures.

No.120 Three Coffees….

The exact quote is ” Timo, three coffees and some water.”  The quote is from the Italian movie series “Commissario Brunetti” Episode 11. “Death in a Strange Country.” These stories and books are written by Donna Leon.

I seem to gravitate towards Italian or Sicilian movies a lot . I think the reason is there are about a thousand coffee quotes pertaining to them. To have an espresso is like a pause…a moment to think…converse over the facts in front of them. I was talking to a friend a while back and we realized that 30 years ago they would have been getting out a cigarette and smoking instead of sharing an espresso.  I thought this quote was funny. Normally, when I have coffee out …I’ll promptly sit down and read the paper or chat with friends. This one time , I must have been tired….I went in an ordered a Cafe Miel and I received a glass of carbonated water with it. I thought weird but so what – I’ll drink it. But while drinking my Miel I kept thinking this is the worst Miel I’ve ever had in my life! So I went up and asked the barista what he had served me. With out even blinking an eye he said an Americano . Which is totally different. NO cream …NO honey…Where was my brain when I started to drink it?  The taste was like night and day to me. The whole time I thought why did he give me a glass of water? Could it be to wash my taste buds out after drinking it? I was flummoxed. He  said the water was like a traditional thing to do. He promptly and apologetically made me a Cafe Miel. And I with trepedation I carried it to my table . That day I was flying on caffeinated jet streams. I accomplished so much that I felt like Super Woman! Things like filling six  big bags full of weeds from my garden…(didn’t even make a dent …) I then weed wacked my grass into submission. I think I also trimmed two smaller trees and cleaned the house to an inch of its life…washed clothes…dishes…made my bed…I was moving with speed and agility that would have scared a normal person. By 9:00 pm I was still walking around in a daze still wound up but physically feeling sore and tired. Unfortantatly for me all that caffeine was still circulating in my blood so I never slept a wink that night…Tossing and turning all night.  The next day I limped…around a very clean house …If anyone would talk to me I growled back at them. I would glance outside to my garden with irritation (more weeds) I think I took a twenty four hour  nap and wasted the whole day doing nothing because really I couldn’t move without intense pain!  A good life lesson NEVER drink two coffees in one day!!! And always look down before sipping your coffee to make sure it looks familiar.

No. 119 Marching Bands….

The exact quote is : ” I’m just saying, how are you going to be a soul food spot and a coffee bar?”  The quote is from the movie “Drumline- A New Beat”. The movie was released in 2014.

I watched both of the Drumline movies and liked them both. The first one came out in 2002. It was directed by Charlie Stone III. In this movie NIck Cannon is the main drummer vying for a position on the P1 section of the band. His cocky attitude gets him in trouble with the section leader. Somewhere in the movie he starts to grow up . Loved it.  Zoe Saldana was one of the leading females as well. I thought this movie showed off her talents much better than the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The second movie ran with  the same kind of story line but this time it’s a young woman Danielle (Alexandra Shipp) who has to compete with Jayven ( Jordan Calloway) for both love and the P1 position on the drumline of North Carolina A&T State University Blue and Gold Marching Band. One of the things I liked about both movies is that they start with a major drum performance that really demonstrates the love and dedication of wanting to participate on the schools fields. They shout constantly a montra ” One Band…One Voice!”  To become a true band they have to meld their talents . The second movie Drumline- the New Beat was directed by Billie Woodruff. The Producer was Nick Cannon. He also was in the movie as the band’s motivator. What a talented young man. Danielle has a dream but she finds out she’s going to have to work for it. Along the way, she has to deal with a version of the Old Boy’s Club. Certain people on the section think that  a female drummer would weaken their strength. But really she just added to it.  Her ultimate goal in the movie is to break the glass ceiling and become the first female section leader. I have a feeling if this was a real life situation she would make her dream come true.  Also I love watching the marching band strut their stuff.  Every time I watch these movies it makes me wish I had played a trumpet instead of a piano.  It would be decidedly harder to carry it around as I marched and danced to the beat while doing complicated marching formations. Not an easy task. In the second movie they also had a character  Tasha who is both smart and cute. And also Leon a young gay man who is trying to be true to his own ideals. Both  subjects are important and I’m glad they dealt with both in a realistic manner. Made the movie stronger…I’d recommend either or both of these movies.. Both are fun to watch.

No.118 Watching Hockey…

A play off defeat…

for a summer league.

Onlookers cheering

animate hockey players

with barks, yells and

words of encouragement.





Screams his sister

filled with jubliance.

Wild Poodles

verses Yorkies…

Spirited plays

pass offs…

wall passes

puck flies

through air…

on ice..

against the wall

Ultimately in unison

with the hockey stick.

Goalie down low.

Catching and deflecting

flying pucks with added speed.

Protecting his turf.

From the Yorkies

desired score…

Score one to Zero…

a somber score

for such a

magnificant team.

Next year

we will make the

Yorkies weep!

No. 117 Who took Johnny?

Exact quote is: ” He looked like he’s been drinking a lot of caffeine !” The quote is from the movie “Who Took Johnny? ” On Netflix.  It was one of those who done it…movies that left a a lot of questions unanswered . The movie was directed by Suki Haley, David Bellinson, and Michael Galinsky.

The movie “Who Took Johnny?” premiered at Slamdance Film Festival in 2014. It was a 30 year old cold case about a disappearance of a 12 year old boy named Johnny Gosch. It happened on the morning of September 5th, 1982. He lived in West Des Moines, Iowa. That morning he was out delivering the morning paper. At one point he came across another paper boy and mentioned that a man had asked for directions and that he felt frightened. He also told the boy that the same car was slowly trailing his paper delivery route. At some point someone saw two men grab the boy, pull him into an old  Ford  Fairmont and drive quickly away. The mom and dad knew something was wrong when he didn’t return home and they found his wagon still full of newspapers. Now days the moment we know a child is missing or  kidnapped – The Amber Alert goes out  to even signage on the main roads alerting drivers. It’s on the radio, TV and even on phone alerts so people will watch for anything out of the ordinary happening around them. In Iowa, where this wasn’t a normal thing to happen most people felt the police were both lethargic and missed many important clues because of their ineptitude. That of course has changed with more training. At that  time they thought kids disappearing  was because they were runaways. The mom and Dad went to the police immediately but the police waited 72 hours before they really started to take the story seriously. Now days it’s 24 hours for missing adults…so the attitude has changed with the times. His mom Noreen Gosch after a few weeks made contact with the media -pleading for more information to where her son was. She felt that the police and FBI weren’t treating it as a crime . Many people felt it was being covered up. . So she also hired a private investigator. He later told her there were a global ring of pedophiles. Two years later another boy called Eugene Martin also a   disappeared doing his paper route. As the story goes there have been sightings. Once a young boy came up to a woman in a parking lot in Oklahoma and said he was Johnny Gosch then two men grabbed him and drove away.  A dollar bill also surfaced with the words “I am alive. Johnny Gosch.”  also there was  writing on a bathroom wall  Then years later Noreen said she answered the door and there stood her son with another young man. They stayed only a couple of hours but were totally fearful of being found out….so left. She hasn’t seen him since.  In 1982 Noreen Gosch opened a Johnny Gosch Foundation ” The goal is to educate others with the reality and seriousness of kidnapping, pornography , and the dangers of pedophiles . ” Check out the website yourself. A lot of people feel it’s connected to Washington DC. and Gerald Ford Senior…and a lot of cover ups.

We had a young boy disappear up in a small town  in Minnesota. His name was  Jacob Wetterling,  He was 11 when he was abducted on Oct. 22nd , 1989.  Twenty two years later a Danny Heinrich confessed to his murder. When I was a kid growing up in Rochester we were out and about till my mom called us in. That changed with Jacob Wetterling’s abduction. You always end up wishing that people that do these types of things to kids would disappear. The movie  left me feeling sad that a young person’s  life ended so abruptly without any reason except for someone else’s sick pleasures.




No. 116 Harvey…

Green sky


Gray mists…

Clouds overhead…

Ominus warnings…

Loutish Harvey looms

off coast..

Outcome unsure.

Thunderous skies

Lightning …

Waters rise.

Fortunes shift.

Lives taken


No. 115 Sicilian Justice….

The exact quote is : ” All right, come in – I’ll make coffee.”  The quote came from the movie series Commissario Brunetti Episode 11  ” Death in a Strange Country.”

I’m not sure how many of my blog posts pertain to this series written by Donna Leon. I loved all of her books. This book is the second of her series. Released in 1993. What I found interesting that in almost all the reviews the reviewers talked about the first two murders in the book and the second two were hardly ever mentioned.  The book starts with the a young American soldier Sgt. Michael Foster pulled out of the Venice canal. Then soon after his lover Dr. Peters dies supposedly by a  cocaine overdose. We find out about a child with strange burns and sores and then it evolves into Brunetti finding the illegal toxic waste dump. Of course those above him like his boss Patta want him to drop the case. Initially, everyone thought the robbery of art work and the later death of the robber in the city to seem unconnected . But with all mysteries written there are underlying strings of information that revolve around the main characters soon to be released because of dogged relentlessness of Brunetti.  The second two murders are more about Italy and Sicily. When the mother of the robber finds out who really had her son killed she takes on the task of bringing  her own kind of justice to the story. In the sketch above Commissario Brunetti is visiting her home for more information about her son. He does this with trepidation for she has an old rifle that she does point at intruders. At the same time she has the reputation in the city of Venice as being the best coffee maker. So after an almost altercation with the rifle Brunetti is allowed to enter her home to  drink her coffee. The sadness connected to this story line is that she knows her son is a not a very good robber but she still loves him as all mothers do. So in vengeance to her sons memory she shoots the rifle not at Brunetti but at the rich patron who was a part of her son’s death. Since this man is also a part of the two deaths in the beginning of the story also the toxic waste dumping the readers goes away feeling even this bit of justice is right.

One thing I always hated while living in Italy was to see the widowed women wearing black. In India they are expected to wear white and in Italy …black. So because I’m a creative being this time I broke the mold and she’s wearing more color instead of the black shroud.

No. 113 Coffee..tea..or…

The exact quote is : “Would you like coffee…tea…or..? ” The quote is from the movie series Wallander.  Series 1. Episode 2.  “Firewall”

So if you quiz a person over the age of say 10 years old and clue them in with the words…coffee…Tea…or … (Blank)   You will find that most kids and adults will say ( Me!)  Coffee…Tea…or …Ice cream… Nope! Coffee…Tea…or chips…see what I mean?  So I decided to watch the movie. It’s on YouTube. Keep in mind this book was written by a man-who had definitely different ideas on how young stewardesses lives might of been. The movie was released in 1973. Women were discussing Feminist point of views openly. It was like women were in a strong place in history. And then this book comes out. It always seems like when women surge forward 10 steps ….someone attempts to drag us back two. This book and movie is one of those things. I didn’t see much comedy in it. It was about a stewardess-Carol who falls in love with two men one in California and one in England . Marries them both. When cornered on her life decision says ” But they both need me! Both are terrific.” I found that statement mind-boggling. She did’t seem to have the word “Bigamist” in her vocabulary. At one point, in the movie the guy from England shows up for an art opening in San Francisco and comes to Los Angeles to meet up with Carol. He rents at a hotel called Shelby and across the hallway is her other husband . She goes in between  the two rooms with the help of  a Rams and 49ers football playoff in one room and the other she uses a sleeping powder to make her English husband totally tune out on the scene. All he wants to do is sleep. She could have accidentally killed one husband- that would of changed the whole idea behind the movie. Instead of just being a naive stewardess she would of been also a Black Widow . (  A woman who marries to kill the mate off so she can later receive the life insurance scenario.)  Only when she becomes pregnant does she realize she  still can’t pick which husband is a keeper. And instead of manning up she decides to disappear to Toronto. What is with that? The ending is of course on an airplane – her main form of transportation… where Danny comes to her rescue. Like a white knight. I can only see trouble ahead for these two. You can’t just sweep this under a rug. The last words Carol says is “Coffee…tea… and Danny appears -suddenly out of no where and says the word….me? What a sweet ending to a stupid movie.  I knew women that were stewardesses’ for work and they said it was hard to leave their kids and husbands to fly…it was also hard to live out of a suitcase. They thought trans-Atlantic flights were horrendous and exhausting and really all they did usually was turn around after  a evening of sleep and fly back in the morning. Alas, many of their stories didn’t include secret excursions to a romantic spot in Rome to sip a Cappuccino while gazing into each other eyes..playing footsie…murmuring sweet Italian nothings to each other….it was more… sore feet…grueling hours…microwave food and instant coffee…

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